Akashi, Japan
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Akashi is a city of 292,000 in the Kansai District of Honshu on the Inland Sea near Kobe. It has been designated as the city where Japan keeps official time. That time is displayed on a large clock in the tower of the planetarium visible from most of the city. 

It is also home to the Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge, the longest suspension bridge in the world, completed in 1998 after 10 years of construction at a cost of a million dollars a day.

There have been many official exchanges between the citizens of Akashi and the citizens of Vallejo. In 1993, the Vallejo Symphony accompanied an official delegation to Akashi to perform in honor of the 25th anniversary of our sister city relationship. 

Akashi has given us the sundial that graces our waterfront near the ferry as well as the mounted clock on the upper level between the JFK Library and our City Hall. In 2000, we dedicated a Japanese Friendship Garden on the  lower level between the Library and City Hall with a $5,000 donation from Akashi.

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