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The Sister City Idea

In 1956, President Eisenhower sponsored a White House Conference to explore ways to encourage and preserve world peace. One of the suggestions to come from that conference was to create a way for citizens at a local level to link with local citizens in other countries without the formalities that exist in dealings between nations. From that concept, Sister Cities International was born with the stated goal of promoting peace through mutual respect, understanding and cooperation - one individual, one community at at time.

Today there are sister cities in over 2,700 communities and 134 countries worldwide.

Vallejo Adopts The Sister City Concept

In 1960, the Vallejo City Council created a Sister City Committee to explore the development of relations with interested cities abroad. That Committee, with the help and cooperation of the local Sons of Norway, established links to Trondheim which the City Council approved as Vallejo's first sister city later that year.

In 1968, the Committee recommended and the City Council approved Akashi, Japan as a second sister city.

In 1971, the City Council gave the Committee full Commission status. Also in that year, the Vallejo Sister City Association was formed to allow less formalized contacts with the individuals interested in interacting with various sister cities. The City also provided a permanent home for the Commission and Association on the lower level of the JFK Library where meetings are held and where some of the memorabilia accumulated over the years are displayed.

In 1987, with the support of the local Sons of Italy, Vallejo approved La Spezia as our third sister city.

In 1993, with the support of the local Phllippine community, Baguio City, Republic of the Philippines was approved as our fourth sister city. Later that year, the African-American community supported the approval of Bagamayo, Tanzania as our fifth sister city.

In 2000, Vallejo's Korean community came together to formalize links to Jincheon. With the recommendation of the Commission and Association members, the City Council approved that city as our sixth sister city in 2001.

The adoption of each of our sister cities reflects the strength of one or more of those communities and provides a link for many of our citizens to their heritage.

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Sister Cities:
Trondheim, Norway  |  Akashi, Japan  |  La Spezia, Italy  |  Baguio City, Philippines  |  Bagamoyo, Tanzania  |  Jincheon, South Korea